History of the Greek Community

Throughout, the 1920s and 1930s Greek Cypriots, left their homeland to find work in Britain, most of them resided in London’s Soho, where some opened cafes and restaurants. However, as rent increased they moved out to Camden Town and some even further out of London such as Northampton.

As time progressed the community grew in Northampton grew and instead of travelling to London to worship they began in 1963 to hold services locally in All Saint’s church. In 1970 the Greek Community moved to St Peter’s Church in Mare Fare and they remained there for 28 years. In May 1998 the Greek Community had to leave St Peter’s church and moved to St Crispin’s church in Duston, which was the former chapel of the Berrywood hospital which was closed down in the 1990s.

St Crispin’s church is a hidden gem with original murals dating back to 1954 and painted by the locally renowned painters Mr. Henry Bird and Mr. G. H. B Holland. In 2004 the Greek Orthodox Community of Northampton purchased the church and renamed it after a Cypriot saint: St Neophytos.

The church is a grade II listed building and required extensive renovation. Including repairs to the gutters, roof, ceiling plaster, broken windows due to vandalism and a large crack on the East wall.

To restore the church a sum of over is required £500.000. English Heritage awarded the community £40,000 and the community had to raise another £30,000 to repair gutters, some of the ceiling plaster and to repair the clerestory windows. Much more fund raising is needed to complete all the repairs.